A publication exploring the expanded field of contemporary sculpture

Volumes 1, 2 & 3 available

The publication is a beautiful thing - thoughtfully spatial in its layout design so that creative spaces and thinking open before you at every page turn. The thought provoking text flows, echoing the nature of the creative process and thinking...

The volume of material is staggering! Such a brilliant way to engage with the work of the artists involved and with the amount of approaches to the topic

Excellent writing, beautiful imagery and v sexy design


Sculptorvox pushes the boundaries around contemporary notions of what constitutes three dimensional art. It experiments with concepts along broad esoteric or philosophical themes. It is unlike any other publication in art providing a unique journey through creative process, artists motivation, influence, thought and nuanced with abstracted narrative threads.

It isn't linear, but requires the reader to absorb the words, imaged and work, and to create some of the underlying threads by seeing connections that others might not. 

Each volume has content from a multitude of talented contributors creating new writing, journalism, essays, interviews, photography and insight.

An important contribution to sculpture, thank you - Helen Pheby (Senior Curator YSP)

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