2022 update from the editor:

Since the inception of Sculptorvox some years ago the world has evolved, political landscapes have changed and the boom in indie publications has piqued. What started off as an ambitious idea to create 8 in-depth volumes ends with only 3. I am immensely proud of the small evolution from volume 1 through to volume 3, all the contributors, featured artists, supporters, advisors and more. Thank you all.

New projects call and new ventures lay ahead. What may seem antiquated in terms of a form of communication has evolved further into a new digital platform sixminutespastnine.com and a new companion print plasticprognosticate.com

All remaining copies of all volumes have been greatly reduced in price. Every penny from the sale of the final stocks will go towards plasticprognosticate.com.

See you there


Editor. Sculptorvox


Sculptorvox is a limited edition print run publication.

This 8 volume series goes beyond seeing sculpture as 'object' and delves into the world, work, inspiration, processes, influences, ideas, journeys and careers of artists, writers, photographers who all work directly or indirectly with notions of three dimensions. From interviews and articles, to original writing, thinking and photography that goes some way to show the breadth and depth of practice in contemporary studios.

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‘Geometry of Nothing’ is the inaugural volume in this series. It explores a variety of concepts around contemporary sculptural practice. It casts an eye at some of the fundamental aspects of ideation, process, spacial-relationships, interaction. The idea that the creative process is 'ex nihilo' – something from nothing – speaks to the origins, drives and outcomes generated by the artist's compulsion to create physical, tangible and virtual objects, realms, realities and dialogues.

The volume themes are:

Volume 1. Geometry of Nothing
Volume 2. Blood & Wire
Volume 3. A God Complex
Volume 4. Plastic Prognosticate
Volume 5. Opposite is Apposite
Volume 6. State and Fluctuation
Volume 7. A New Landscape
Volume 8. This Way Entropy

Each volume contains written and photographic contributions from talented individuals that have broadly and creatively interpreted, discussed and responded to the theme by exploring associations, presenting stories and constructing narratives.

Our vision is to create a one-time, collectable publication series dedicated to the appreciation of contemporary art practice within the broadest notion of what sculpture means today; featuring interviews, articles and profiles of the most innovative contemporary artists working in three-dimensions.

As with all creative processes Sculptorvox features the influential work that feeds the careers, lives and output of contemporary artists with inspiring photographic work, journalism, new writing and influential viewpoints.

Sculptorvox is an independent publication produced by Urban Fugitive as its sole endeavour.

If you are interested in working with Sculptorvox please see the submissions page

Publication Specifications

Project Lifecycle: 8 volumes 3 volumes
Format: Approx 160 pages, 215 x 275mm


Editor - Daniel Lingham
Art Director - Matt Gill
Assistant Editor - Elizabeth Hawley
Transcriber - Katy Mack