Volume 2

Blood & Wire

Blood and wire represents the physical flesh, the visceral manifestation of being, assembled, realised, created and displayed. It is the bond that ties, the desire to connect, the need to communicate and sometimes to simply be. It is about the stuff of human existence and the sometimes jarring experience of the human condition.

Volume 2 spans the subtlety and nuances of identity, politics, social interaction, social history, personal endeavour, observation, and the human body.

Cover art Katerina Sadovsky & Lilia Li-Mi-Yan
160 pages, 215 x 275mm. Perfect Bound



Fragile Entity
Paloma Tendero

The Runner & The Kouros
James Steventon

The Mudlarking
Sol Bailey-Barker

The Human Aspect
Daniel Blom

The Dark Forest of Consciousness
Katerina Sadovsky & Lilia Li-Mi-Yan

In Your Skin
Stefan Gunnesch


The Incomprehensible Me
Bianca Hisse

Untitled Collage
Jesse Draxler with Alexandre Souétre

The Super Meta
Carlie Trosclair

Romilly Crescent
Alison Lloyd

An Existential Realisation
Richard T Walker

Above The Surface
Sıdal Ergüder

My Granddad’s Car
Sayed Hasan & Karl Ohiri

Hail The Dark Lioness
Zanele Muholi