Volume 1

Geometry of Nothing

limited edition

160 pages

perfect bound

Volume 1

Geometry of Nothing

limited edition

160 pages

perfect bound

Volume 1 : Geometry of Nothing

A mark, a movement, a line, an image, a shape, a moulded form, a broken item, a dismantled mechanism, a placed object…there are endless possibilities. This publication sets out to blur the edges of what it is to work in three dimensions, while resisting notions of more traditional dividing principles used to define artistic output. Volume1: Geometry of Nothing sets out to demonstrate that there exists a grey area of creative influx – a potential in-between things – where there appears, at first glance…to be nothing.

Cover image by Jesse Draxler


Frederic Bigras-Burragano, Laura Davidson, Jesse Draxler, Alex Baddeley, Thomas Royez, Jeannie Driver, James Smith, Rebecca Partridge, Neil Armstrong, Mark Leahy, Elisavet Kalpaxi, Mark Osborne, J Masson, James Steventon, Chelsea Pettitt, Benjamin McDonnell, Charlie Hurcombe and Daniel Dytrych

Volume 1 Contents

Black Water
photographic essay by Frederic Bigras-Burragano

Initiate Negative Space
written by Laura Davidson with artwork by Jesse Draxler

an article on the artist group engaged in ‘not making’

written by Alex Baddeley

Ruann Coleman
in conversation with Daniel Lingam

Gerboise Bleue 2.0
selected artwork from Thomas Royez

Jeannie Driver
selected work

James Smith
selected work

Berndnaut Smilde
in conversation with Daniel Lingham

Caoimhe Kilfeather
in conversation with Rebecca Partridge

The wall at Caroline Street
words and photography by Neil Armstrong

A Curiosity of Nothings: On the not-there-ness of Andrew Kearney’s work
written by Mark Leahy

The Mars Spectacular
‘Sculptor and Cetus’
words and photograph Elisavet Kalpaxi

Spaces of Fiction
photographic artwork by Mark Osborne

Haines & Hinterding
in conversation with Daniel Lingham

Julian Masson
selected works

Lead Pencil Studio
in conversation with Daniel Lingham

Journeys Through Silence
words and artwork by James Steventon
photography by Kenneth James Martin

A Work for the End of the World
Nika Neelova in conversation with Chelsea Pettitt

The Listening Camera
words and artwork by B
enjamin McDonnell

Charlie Hurcombe
selected work

Wolfgang Buttress
in conversation with Daniel Lingham
portrait photography by Daniel Dytrych



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