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The submission process will open around Spet 2018 for Volume 3: A God Complex


Please return for details or contact the editor.


Please read the guidelines below prior to submission and send all contributions to
Closing date for submissions – Monday 26th March 2018

Sculptorvox is a print first publication.




In addition to the general submissions guidelines below please read our style guide. These give you the basic protocol for our preferred writing style and details of image size/quality.

Sculptorvox – Contributors Style Guide 2018


General Submissions

Thank you for considering submitting work. Sculptorvox takes a ‘people first’ approach to artistic output turning the established ‘artwork first’ idea on its head, presenting compelling stories of the artists and intimate articles on the psychology and philosophy imbued in the process…asking what is it to create, derive a method, forge a path.

Ultimately the publication explores the mind, ideas, motivations, desires, passions, doubts, conflicts and underlying journey of the contemporary sculptural artist: presenting their voice and viewpoint, artworld expectations and attitudes, notions of success, career paths and new and alternative ideas. We will feature, from around the world, the personal viewpoints of a range of inspiring individuals (including but not limited to artists, gallery directors, curators and academics) through strong image and text based content.


We are looking for writers who take a literal and/or lateral approach to writing about sculptural practice in all its forms, identifying outlying topics or responding to a particular theme for a chosen volume.

We want writing that is acerbic, witty, irreverent, enlightening, challenging, leftfield, out-of-the-ordinary, unconventional.

We are looking for:
Profile or interview based features
Q&A – short or long

Please contact us with a brief idea for an article (approx 200 words) or an example of your work if a general expression of interest. Include a short statement about yourself including where you are based, why you would like to contribute to Sculptorvox and if you have been
published before. Please also include links to your written portfolio or attach a low-res .doc or .pdf file. (Clippings or excerpts only – your email should not exceed 2MB)

We only feature original and unpublished work both in print and online.


We are looking for photographers who set out to capture images with a fresh perspective, authenticity and focused narratives.

Portrait work should take the artist out of the gallery or studio space and show them in the places where they live and socialise, in line with our ‘people first’ approach.

Photojournalism and photo essays may take a freer view on the context and approach for a specific idea or series of images, We seek original and captivating photographic work, and prefer to feature previously unpublished imagery both in print and online.

We are looking for:
Photo essays

Please contact us with a brief idea for your article should you wish to submit a photographic piece. Include a short statement about yourself including where you are based and why you would like to contribute to Sculptorvox. Include links to your online portfolio or attach a low-res image file. (your email should not exceed 2MB)


Please send all submissions to

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