Volume 3



A God Complex

Volume 3 (and now the final volume) in the series.


We are excited to offer this limited edition print.

As artists and creatives it is difficult to separate ourselves from the work. The art is fundamentally imbued with self, regardless of how far we think we are separated from it. We make decisions, investigate, explore, construct, and each time we personally shape and affect the outcome. It’s ours, we created it. We are gods of our own small worlds.

This volume delves into the very human idea of creator, master and control. A desire to give meaning and attain understanding. It is a look at the ego. It is about a sense of self, place, value and identity.


“God is dead...what sacred games shall we have to invent?” – Nietzsche




Format: Approx 164 pages, 215 x 275mm. Perfect Bound.
Publish date: July 2019.
Limited edition run
issn 2515-7329 03


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