Volume 2



Blood & Wire

This is volume 2.


"The publication is a beautiful thing - thoughtfully spatial in its layout design too, so that creative spaces and thinking open before you at every page turn. The thought provoking text flows, echoing the nature of the creative process and thinking, cleverly weaving between notions of materiality and immateriality."
Gill Shreeve


We are excited to offer this limited edition publication.


‘Blood & Wire’ is an investigation into our drives, desires and the human condition.

What happens from the point of conception to the moment of completion – in this case a limited edition print run – seems to be a process of evolution...small by any stretch of the imagination, witnessed by only the very few involved in the process of creating and compiling the publication as it moves from inception through to realisation. The volume adapts to the original idea, it grows and becomes something of its own, and by the time we send it out we are merely nervous guardians of an adventurous new entity. Treat it kindly world.

This volume continues the series’ attempt to go beyond seeing sculpture as ‘object’ and delves into the world, work, inspiration, processes, influences, ideas and journeys of artists all who work directly or indirectly with notions of three dimensions. It spans the subtlety and nuances of identity, politics, social interaction, social history, personal endeavour, observation, and the human body.



Sam Shendi
Paloma Tendero
James Steventon
Sam Gregg
Katherina Sadovsky
Lilia Li-Mi-Yan
Stefan Gunnesch
Jesse Draxler
Bianca Hisse
Tom Godfrey
Rebecca Partridge
Sıdal Ergüder
Sayed Hasan
Karl Ohiri
Renée Mussai


Format: 144 pages, 215 x 275mm.
Perfect Bound.
Publish date: Aug 2018.
issn 2515-7329 02


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