Volume 1



Geometry of Nothing

This is volume 1.


"Beautiful and very poetic new publication focused on the stories behind artworks, examining the boundaries between media and thinking about the point at which an action becomes a sculpture"
Gabriella Sonabend


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‘Geometry of Nothing’ explores some of the fundamental aspects of ideation, process, spacial-relationships and interaction. The volume's focus is based on the idea that the creative process is 'ex nihilo' – something from nothing. It delves into the origins, drives and outcomes generated by the artists compulsion to create physical, tangible and virtual objects, realms, realities and dialogues.


Volume 1 contains written and photographic work from talented contributors who have creatively interpreted and responded to the theme of 'something from nothing' by exploring associations, presenting stories and constructing narratives.


From short inventive new writing to articles and interviews with some established and burgeoning international talent. This volume features artists such as Lee Ufan, Haines & Hinterding, Berndnaut Smilde, Wolfgang Buttress and Lead Pencil Studios



Frederic Bigras-Burrogano
Laura Davidson
Jesse Draxler
Alex Baddeley
Jeannie Driver
James Smith
Neil Armstrong
Rebecca Partridge
Mark Leahy
Elisavet Kalpaxi
James Steventon
Chelsea Pettitt
Benjamin McDonnell
Alex Young
Charlie Hurcombe
Mark Osborne
Julian Masson


Format: Approx 160 pages, 215 x 275mm. Perfect Bound.
Publish date: Jan 12th 2018.
Limited edition run of 1000
issn 2515-7329 01


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