Photograph by Daniel Dytrych

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Interview with Wolfgang Buttress

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About Wolfgang

Wolfgang Buttress works with public and private space, creating multi-sensory artworks that draw inspiration from nature. He explores and interprets scientific discoveries to create human-centered experiences.

His artworks now span over four continents including Australia where he has created a number installations in public spaces including Una, Canberra(2013) which draws upon the star mapping research of astrophysicist Dr Daniel Bayliss of the Australian National University (ANU). Wolfgang won the prestigious Kajima Sculpture Gold Award (2014) for his artwork Space in Tokyo, Japan becoming only the second western artist to win this accolade.

Wolfgang was the creative lead behind the multi-disciplinary team for the UK Pavilion Milan Expo 2015. The Hive, the sculptural centrepiece of the UK Pavilion is now installed at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London. 

Volume 1:
Geometry of Nothing

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Interview by Daniel Lingham

Portrait photography by Daniel Dytrych

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Volume 1: Geometry of Nothing

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