A God Complex

Volume 3 Out Now

A God Complex

Volume 3 Out Now

Volume 3: A God Complex

The God Complex is used to emote and effect a response. To delve deeper into the human condition, our foibles, tendencies, and limitations. It highlights underlying notions of elitism, superiority, separation, transcendence, narcissism and an essential desire to apply meaning to what might otherwise appear existentially empty…

Cover image by Stefan Gunnesch


Alex Baddeley, Anders Aarvik, John Carney, Emanuele Vara, Hannah Nussbaum, Emma Bani-Walker, Gabriella Sonabend, John O’Hare, Vasiliy Kononov-Gredin, Jacob Lombard, Graham Keddie, Hannah Honeywill, Isabella Eyre & Janieta Eyre, Martina Mullaney, Julio Orta, Matthew Lloyd, Michael Koch, Ritchard Allaway 

Volume 3 Contents


Bust of the Collector 
Alex Baddeley 

Anders Aarvik 

Drift Towards Interia 
John Carney 

Emanuele Vara 

Mr. Potato Head 
Hannah Nussbaum 

Emma Bani-Walker 

Not Playing God 
Gabriella Sonabend 

The Pilot and the Timekeeper 
John O’Hare 

Life and Eternity
Vasiliy Kononov-Gredin


Jacob Lombard 

In the Flesh 
Adeline De Monseignat 

A Brain in a Vat 
Gabriella Sonabend 

The Superposition 
Graham Keddie 

Hannah Honeywill

The Proposal 
Isabella Eyre & Janieta Eyre 

Solanis For Solace 
Martina Mullaney

Top Trump 
Julio Orta 

No longer 
Matthew Lloyd 

The Eternal Collection 
Michael Koch 

Ritchard Allaway 

The Hand of the Maker 
Daniel Lingham

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